12 Simple Gestures That Will Rock Her World

Taking your partner for granted is a silent killer in relationships. All a woman really wants is for you to take the time to show her you love her and that you appreciate her.

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By Sarah and Samantha

It is almost second nature to do thoughtful things to win over the girl when you are in a new relationship. You wine and dine her, take her on fun dates, and text her every morning, so she knows she is the first thing on your mind. For some reason, those gestures tend to get lost in translation as time goes on. Maybe it is because you have already won her, so you don’t feel like you need to put as much effort in, or perhaps other things on your to-do list become more important. Maybe you really just don’t think about it anymore because you love her, that’s enough, right?

Taking your partner for granted is a silent killer in relationships. Women don’t need the latest designer bag, frequent date nights at fancy restaurants, or for you to have the flower shop on speed dial to show us that you love us. All a woman really wants is for you to take the time to show her you love her and that you appreciate her. We have twelve small gestures that require little from you and mean the world to her.


Open her door.

Yes, we are in the twenty-first century, but there is nothing old or dated about opening the door for a woman. Even if your lady prides herself on her independence and ability to provide for herself, the extra thirty seconds it takes you to open her door, will add years to your relationship.

Leave a note.

We are not referring to a “honey-do” list for the things you would like done before you get home. Every once in a while leave her a note that says, “I hope you have a great day,” or “I can’t wait to see you tonight,” or even as simple as, “Thanks for being you.”

Wish her good luck.

If she has a big meeting at work, or she is putting on a presentation, or she is taking the kids to their first day of school. Whatever it is that she is conquering for the day, she needs you to be her number one fan.

Send her a text in the middle of the day.

You cannot go all day without thinking about her once, send her a text and let her know. Women love to be acknowledged, and one simple text like, “Hey babe, I hope work is going well,” or “thinking about you, how was the doctor’s appointment?” will make her whole day.

Ask how her day went.

Give her five minutes when you get home to tell you about her day. She’s probably dying to share it with you anyway, but she knows you are tired and just want to relax. She knows you don’t understand half of it anyway, but just the fact that you were willing to listen means enough.

Bring home her favorite bottle of wine.

Naturally, you would do this when she got a promotion at work, or her meeting went well, but what about just because? When you bring that bottle home, she’ll think you are the sweetest man in the world when really you were already at the store.

Cook for her.

Even if you are not very good at it, cook for her. If she’s had a long day, pour her a glass of wine and bring her dinner on the couch. If she seems like she’s missing you, put on some romantic music, open a nice bottle of wine, and she’ll love to sit at the table and watch you.

Save the best bite for her.

She knows how much you love that burger so she won’t even ask. Women know better than to come between a man and his food. If you save the best bite for her, we’re sure she’ll be the one offering dessert.

Clean the dishes.

There is nothing worse than a dirty kitchen. Every once in a while offer to clean the dishes after dinner so she can have a night off. If she didn’t have a chance the night before, and you get home first, empty the dishwasher for her. This will take a load off of her shoulders.

Give her a foot massage.

When you know she’s been on her feet all day, tell her to throw them up on your lap while you are watching TV. Not only will your physical touch soothe her, but you are also showing her that you recognize how hard she works, and you appreciate it.

Bring her bedside coffee.

On the weekend if you wake up before her, grab her favorite latte and have it waiting by her bed when she wakes up. She’ll be ready to start her day off right, and she won’t be able to stop thinking about how thoughtful you are.

Tell her she is beautiful and radiant in love.

This is something women cannot hear enough. It also takes the least amount of effort. You see her at her best, but you also see her at her worse, she needs to hear it at both. Her beauty is something that shines from within; it is a reflection of your love. She is always beautiful.

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