28 Things Men Have Done for Love

Men do a lot for love but we don’t always get to hear about it. We asked men: “Tell us something you’ve done for love” and they answered. Beautifully.

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By Heather Gray

1. Traded a sports championship for a Tina Turner concert: “I took my wife (then girlfriend) to see Tina Turner, one of her all-time faves, in concert for the first time. In a cruel coincidence, the Tina show ended up being on the same night when my favorite college basketball team would play for their first National Championship in 20 years. This was before smartphones and DVRs. I set the VCR at home and avoided the score in the bars on the way out of the venue and kept the radio off on the way home. It was absolute torture for me, but my lady had a great time and that’s all that mattered. We won, by the way.”-Jeff Bogle, Out With the Kids

2. Said “I love you” first: “I told my wife I loved her just a day after meeting her because I knew I had no choice but to be honest and true in that moment. It was a risk, but we’ve been together for 14 years now and I’ve never questioned it since.”-Charlie Capen, How to Be a Dad


3. Loved from long distance: “I have flown across countries, had 15-hour phone conversations, and ignored time zone differences for love.”-Jordan Gray, Jordan Gray Consulting

4. Lived separately: “I have given up living with my partner so we both can have the time and focus to grow in our careers and personally…for love. We will live together again, but not until we have achieved our goals. We are still friends, still lovers, still there for each other.”-Wilhelm Cortez, Senior Editor at Good Men Project

5. Moved to California: “We decided to move to Cali so wifey could pursue her dreams of acting. Which in fact allowed me to find my dreams of coaching kids with Kamp Indy. Crazy in love.”Evan “Indy” Moore, sports coach and cancer survivor.

6. Left California:

7. Became a dad:

8. Gave his daughter a superhero in her image:

9. Prioritzed love over sexual orientation: “I changed my view of my sexual orientation and stayed with my partner when she transitioned from male to female. I went from identifying as gay to not worrying about how to classify my sexuality for love.”-Justin Ropella, Author at Good Men Project

10. Prioritized love over shelter: “Have you seen the meme that floats around Facebook showing someone who’d live in a tent for their dog? I actually lived it. Instead of going to a homeless shelter, where I would have to give up my dog — I decided we would camp in the forest, indefinitely. There is no love like the love of a dog.-Trevor Eyster, Author at Good Men Project

11. Collected quotes about love: “Not once, but twice (for two separate women), I filled a blank journal with 365 hand-written famous quotes about love so there would be one to see every day. One of those relationships lasted less than 3 months. The other lasted over one year, although the booklet was created over six months into the relationships, so none of the years were likely ever seen in full :(“-Scott Heydt, Editor at Good Men Project

12. Have worked some crappy jobs: “Something I’ve done for love? I woke up at 2 AM for a job watching x-ray machines and getting yelled at by airline passengers. I patted down flatulent old men, handled the worst smelling shoes in the world, and did it all before most people have their coffee. All so I could move to the city my love was in and save the money I needed to buy a ring and ask her to marry me.”-Thomas Whitener, Author at Good Men Project

13. Danced. For a cruise ship:

14. Adopted animals. Lots of them:

15. Faced hell:

16. Learned important love lessons: “I finally learned that I shouldn’t do anything to get love. All I need to know is how love is created. I’ve made the choice to own my thoughts, words, and actions that will create feelings of love with those I want in my life. Better late than never!”- Steve Horsman, GoodGuys2Great Men

17. Respected himself, first: “I decided to get in shape before proposing marriage. I was pretty certain she would have said yes regardless of my weight, but I did it as a way to show how much she means to me; to show that I was willing to engage in a quest of lifelong self-improvement so she would always be happy that she’d married me. During the process, I discovered that I was doing it more for myself than for her, but she still appreciates the effort.”James Fell, Athlete and Fitness Expert, BodyForWife.com


18. Battled a food addiction and won: “I went to bed hungry. I walked when I did not want to. I watched what I ate when I wanted to eat everything. I did this because I was over 400 pounds and needed to lose weight. I lost over 200 pounds. I did it not only for my wife who was thankful, but I realized I loved myself and did it because I was worth it. I also moved to Buffalo, NY from North Carolina because my wife wanted to be closer to her family. I went there with no job and no money saved. We were dating for less than a year at the time. I knew we would spend the rest of our lives together.” –Tony Posnanski, The Anti-Jared

19. Literally climbed mountains:

20. Traveled solo on a trip meant for two:

21. Found the wedding ring:

22. They stayed:

23. Lived in places they’ve hated:

24. They’ve moved: “What I did for love. My wife at the time was accepted to grad school at a couple of top universities but wanted to study with a particular researcher who worked at a less prestigious school. I had been accepted to two first-tier universities BUT, as I had the choice of where to attend for our undergraduate studies, she had the choice for grad school. I was seriously tempted to study at my first choice BUT, I wanted more to be with my partner. So, I went to the school that she chose. Things we do for love. (P.S. Loved the university and ended up doing a Ph.D. there).”-Steven Lake, The Relationship Guy

25. They’ve kept the peace with humor:

26. They’ve been unforgettable: “This is one of the best things someone has ever done for me. I met this guy in New York City about a week before this happened. He was a Marine stationed in Camp Lejuene, NC and after we met he had to go back to post, but said he was going to drive up to see me off for this vacation I had scheduled. I didn’t believe him, but he did. He drove up from North Carolina 16 hours just to drop me off to the airport. He took me to the airport, waited for me to check all the bags, and then stood there until I was able to get another flight, since the one I was scheduled to take had been canceled for some reason.”-LaShawn Pagan, Filmmaker, Forced Into Silence

27. Have remained unsung:

@HGrayLICSW @GoodMenProject I want to ask my husband every time I see this, but I know he’d just say IDK or nothing. His heart is shy.

— KelG (@ticinmymind) October 10, 2014

28. Have done the work and stayed present: “Over the last few months I have discovered that my capacity to show-up in relationship is not as potent as I want. My lover has asked me to face some deeper fears and acknowledge some vulnerable places. It has been a hard process to both admit that I lack a willingness to be vulnerable and to actually face those vulnerable parts of myself. I’m slowly moving into it. Slowly showing the woman I love that I can face my fears. Her love is helping to make it possible.”- Bryce Mathern, Brass Balls, Tender Heart

This story was previously published on The Good Men Project.

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