3 Differences Between Being in Love and Loving Someone

How to figure out whether it’s love — or just something more temporary.

Photo credit: Scott Broome on Unsplash

‘Is It Real Love or Am I Just in Love?’

I had a client come to me last year with a question that I’ve been asked in many various forms before.

1. Wanting Them vs. Wanting the Absolute Best for Them

When you’re in love with someone, and you’re being hit by wave after wave of all of the dizzyingly addictive happy brain chemicals, you sometimes feel dependent on their presence in order to feel extra-super-happy. You want to be around them as much as possible. Your entire being lights up when you see them in your vicinity.

2. Peak and Valley vs. Slow Growth Over Time

Does your love slowly grow with time or does it slowly fade away with time?

3. You Fall out of Love With Them When the Chemical Rush Is Over / You Never Stop Loving Them and Cheering Them on Whether You’re With Them or Not

Put simply… your feelings of being in love either ends, or it doesn’t.

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