5 Powerful Romantic Gestures They Will Remember Forever

Jordan Gray says that these five romantic gestures will give you bragging rights for decades to come.

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By Jordan Gray

Ever wanted to do something truly special for your partner?

Maybe you’ve been around the block and you feel like you’ve done all there is to do. Maybe you’re an all-around superb intimate partner in a lot of ways. Maybe, just maybe, on occasion, you’ve even managed to make your significant other tear up from one of your grand romantic gestures.

But if you’re looking to ramp things up in a big way — -to rekindle the romance, spark the passion, or just make your significant other feel significant again — -you’ve come to the right place.

Here are five powerful romantic gestures they will remember forever.

Slowly collect video footage of yourselves (either on a specific trip, on multiple trips, or over the course of your entire relationship) and have the footage edited into a cute short video put to music.

When it comes to the length of your romantic video, generally, shorter is better. A tightly cut 3–5-minute video will be better received than a 25-minute video that has painfully slow pacing. It should be edited tightly enough that you could show it to your friends/family and they would also be entertained by it (and believe me, your partner will definitely want to show it off to others once they have seen it). You want the video to feel like the equivalent of looking at a visual resume… as in “Wow, look at all of the amazing things we’ve done together and how much we love each other!” When it comes to this gesture, quality definitely wins out over quantity. You want high impact footage that makes your partner ask to watch it again five times immediately after the first time they see it.

Not much of a video editor? Totally fine! Most people aren’t either. Hire a university/film school student to edit it for you. You should be able to outsource the editing process to a capable video editor for anywhere from $50–200. But don’t skimp too much if you decide to have someone else edit it. Remember, you and your love will likely be watching this video over a hundred times through the course of your relationship. And just like you wouldn’t hire the cheapest wedding photographer to capture your special day (because you know the images would be with you for life), so to it is with your romantic video highlight reel.

Choose pieces of music that are relevant to you and your partner. Maybe you put the entire video to “your song”. Maybe you only use songs by artists that you know your significant other adores. Maybe you use the song that you first slow danced to. Whatever the origins of the music, make sure it’s relevant and congruent with your relationship.

You can also invest in a higher-end video editor (likely in the $500–1,500 range) who will create custom titles (the pages with words throughout your video), make sure that the video edits are timed to the music, and the overall quality and production value will rise. As long as you pick someone whose demo reel you can scope out beforehand, video editing is definitely an industry where you get what you pay for.

Final note, personally I think that the best romantic highlight reels are created when you take footage that spans a significant length of time. So pick up a camera that you can easily shoot video with, and start storing away footage of the two of you and your adventures sooner than later. That way, when you come to edit/give the footage to the editor, you have years of memories that you can then condense into a beautiful, romantic reminder of all of the fun that you two have shared together. The video, when revealed to your partner, creates a uniquely unparalleled feeling of “This is our story, and we’re creating it one day at a time.”

Give your lover an engraved personal item with a quote, or a few words that mean something to the both of you.

For example, if they play guitar, get them an engraved capo. If you’ve been dating for a while, give them an engraved bracelet or another piece of jewelry. If they love drinking beer, give them an engraved beer mug. As always, it’s important to calibrate the item to your partner.

You could have an inside joke/short phrase engraved or the simple format of your first names with the date of when you officially became a couple.

Typos! Check, double-check, and triple-check the spelling and the words that you hand off to the transcriptionist. And make sure you pay a trustable service. You don’t want to find the least expensive option in town and have them mess up your beautiful gift.

Secretly make plans for the two of you by booking a weekend excursion away to a place that’s within a few hours' drive of you (think spa, cabin, hiking… all of which are great for romantic connection). Make the sole intention for your weekend to deeply reconnect as a couple.

Distractions! The intention behind your weekend is to reconnect, so make sure you keep any and all life stuff away from you. No phones, no kids, don’t bring work along with you… the weekend is just for the two of you.

If you’re more of a bullet-point type of writer, or your partner is more logic and structured than most people, then this format of delivering praise and appreciation might work better for your partner.

You can even sub-categorize the things that you love about them into ten different sections. You can include section headlines/themes such as “How you are with your friends”, “How you are in your work life”, and “How you are with me”, and then provide ten examples of things that you love about them under each of those section headlines. As always, calibrate your theme and compliments to your significant other as best as you can.

Repetitiveness. While there may be some natural overlap in the things that you’re complimenting your partner on, make sure that you’re not simply re-wording the same ten things over and over. Dig deep to find some variety in what it is that you love about them.

Have the layout of the piece of paper professionally designed to have a photo of you and your partner as the faint background behind the words.

Send Them To The Spa + fill the house with their snacks while doing the chores

For those who are especially taken by gestures of service, there isn’t much better you can do than this one.

Send your significant other to the spa for the day (preferably a 4–6-hour spa package) and do ALL of the chores while they’re out of the house.

Do all of the laundry, clean every surface, vacuum, tidy up, take out the garbage and the recycling, replace burn out light bulbs, and fix anything that needs to be fixed or updated.

Want to kick it up a notch even further? Fill the fridge and pantry with all of their favourite snacks and drinks while they’re out as well.

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