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By The Good Men Project Editors

We have a total of 8 publications on Medium.

From The Good Men Project:

Hello Love (Relationships) — Love changes us. Love makes us human.

Change Becomes You (Advice) — Life advice that will (actually) improve your life.

Equality Includes You (Social Justice) — Speaking up for humanity through intersectional social justice. Open to all.

A Parent is Born (Parenting) — Because the moment a child is born, a parent is born too.

Greener Together (Environmentalism) — Because the earth needs us. Pronto.

From Agents of Change:

Shelter Me (Wellness) — A refuge for…

THE ONE AWAY PODCAST with Bryan Wish interview with our publisher.

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By BW Missions

Lisa Hickey is the CEO of Good Men Media, Inc. and publisher of The Good Men Project, a multimedia, cross-platform site that asks, “What does it mean to be a good man in the 21st century?” The Good Men Project is a social movement that sets out to challenge long-held notions of what manhood, men, and gender roles mean. The Good Men Project is a destination for thoughtful, insightful, and surprising stories that speak to modern men.

Before launching The Good Men Project, Lisa worked in advertising. Her experience in the industry is extensive; she’s worked as…

We are all imperfect, but yet we feel we must know everything all the time to be valuable.

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By Mike Kitko

I remember when my children were young, and we had gatherings of friends at our house. We worked hard to teach our children to respect our space and time when adults were gathered together. Often our children were guided to be in a different room, especially when we were playing certain games or having specific discussions. My little girls were brilliant and mature for their ages, but we never deemed them mature enough to be in a room with adults. As they grew up, they honored this more and more without resistance, and I thought this was…

The inside story on the ins and outs of blended families.

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By Terry Gaspard

During a recent couples counseling session, John, 50, described feeling like an “outsider” in his stepfamily comprised of Lianne, 45, and her two children Sam, 10, and Katie, 15. John’s two biological children visited occasionally but they were young adults absorbed in their own busy lives.

Married for two years, John was surprised that feelings of jealousy still surfaced when his stepchildren confided in their mother and he felt left out. Even though he knew Lianne did her best to include him, he felt hurt and lonely at times.

John put it like this, “My friend Tim…

Let’s dispense with something right off the bat: This isn’t about leagues. This is about something deeper.

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By Harris O’Malley

Dear Dr. NerdLove,

My entire family is dead, and I’ve been living with my only close and reasonably well-off friend and her husband since losing my job and housing in the summer of 2020. I have severe anxiety and a number of physical health issues that all together mean I am not capable of working more than part-time for the foreseeable future. (Yes, I’ve applied for disability; apparently I’m not disabled enough.)

For the last couple months my friend and her husband have been increasingly hinting that I need to move out — they want to have…

We are still those kids in the playground.

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by Sean Clarke

As I’ve reached closer and closer to 30, I’ve noticed lots of things within me change. I feel as if I’ve had a very intimate view of how my body and mind has evolved since I was seventeen for example.

It seems that there have been hormonal changes happening within me that have caused me to feel and look slightly different, all this progressing as I’ve moved through my late twenties.

What’s interesting to me is, although my body and appearance have changed somewhat, my mind has become more stable, as far as I can tell. Blogging…

It’s more than just a disagreement.

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By Catherine Aponte


  • In a disagreement, a couple negotiates by talking to each other. In a conflict, they react personally and talk “at” each other.
  • Conflicts are resolved through self-reflection about one’s personal take on the situation.
  • Resolving a conflict gives you the chance to negotiate a disagreement and for the relationship to grow.

So much is written about marital conflicts in academic and popular literature as well as scads of social media. My complaint about most of this literature is that it confounds what is a marital conflict with the usual and typical disagreements or differences between spouses. …

I am the source of healing and forgiving myself.

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by Jon Ochiai

In the depths of my clinical depression, I didn’t contemplate suicide. Instead, I would go to sleep at night praying that I would die before I awoke the next morning. Perhaps, choosing to live was either sheer cowardice for fear of shame or it was unrecognized resilience. Still, I suffered.

Sometimes the fear of living in suffering eclipses the inherent fear of dying. A couple of years ago, my dear friend Grant succumbed to his fear of living in suffering. He was a good, kind man. Rest in peace, my brother.

On Thanksgiving Day a few years…

Jordan Gray says that in order to be a man, you must first decide on your own personal ideals of masculinity.

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By Jordan Gray

I remember wondering endlessly if I was gay as a young boy.

Why? Because I consistently got the feedback from my male peers that I wasn’t a traditional male.

As my male friends played basketball to impress the girls in our class, I sat on the sidelines and ‘gossiped’ with my female classmates.

While my guy friends played rugby, I was in musicals.

While my guy friends wanted to get off the phone after 90 seconds of problem solving conversation, I would routinely spend hours at a time on the phone with my female friends.

And strangely…

Rob Azevedo started charting happiness level every day for a month. The results surprised him.

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By Rob Azevedo

A few weeks back, I was fingering through Facebook and came across a post by a young woman I knew long ago that I’m friends with on the site and her post read like this: “I sometimes wonder if anyone would even notice if I just disappeared.” Sad face.

A month or more before that I was reading another post by a friend on Facebook written in a similar tone: “So sick of feeling depressed. Don’t know why I always feel this way.” Or something to that affect.

And you know what I did about it? Nothing…

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