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By The Good Men Project Editors

We have a total of 8 publications on Medium.

From The Good Men Project:

Hello Love (Relationships) — Love changes us. Love makes us human.

Change Becomes You (Advice) — Life advice that will (actually) improve your life.

Equality Includes You (Social Justice) — Speaking up for humanity through intersectional social justice. Open to all.

A Parent is Born (Parenting) — Because the moment a child is born, a parent is born too.

Greener Together (Environmentalism) — Because the earth needs us. Pronto.

From Agents of Change:

Shelter Me (Wellness) — A refuge for…

The future you is waiting — with and for all the benefits and advantage you’re doing now.

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By Sharon Martin

Running short on motivation or willpower? Feeling discouraged or depressed?

Instead of getting down on yourself for everything you haven’t done or yelling at yourself about what you “should” do, try thinking about your future self and doing something for him/her.

It’s a simple yet effective motivational trick that Wil Wheaton found helpful to cope with his anxiety and depression:

I’ve often given joking apologies to Future Wil for eating too much spicy food, or staying up too late, but I never really thought of Future Wil as someone who existed, who was a person, who was…

We know when we meet people who connect with us at a soul level.

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by Yve Bowen

Sometimes those connections feel amazing and at other times there’s a powerful chemistry but the connection isn’t one we’d call easeful. Intense and volatile? Yes. Easeful? No. Both types of connection are powerful and have something extremely valuable to bring to our experience.

The Difficult Connection

Very often it’s in our early adulthood that we come across these type of connections — though of course, they can also show up later in life. They can challenge us in ways we find unpleasant, stressful or even traumatic.

In our early relationships, we have much to learn and process. All of our…

Key elements of the grass is greener syndrome.

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By Raymond Michael

The Grass is Greener Syndrome (GIGS) can have a devastating effect on different areas of life. In the post about Grass is Greener Syndrome breakups, we saw how it can leave a big dent in love relationships.

One of the reasons why the GIG Syndrome can cause such havoc in a relationship is because it is a combination of separate issues coming together to create a larger problem.

Thus the Grass is Greener Syndrome is not as simple as “just making a choice” or “wanting what you can’t have”. It is way more complicated than this. …

Community is our last hope.

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By Tim Clark

Highways are a great way to get places. Just zoom along without interruption, until you come to a town, and the reduced speed limit, a stop light, sometimes just a stop sign, something to alter the tempo and rhythm. Interstate highways are even better. Long, slight turns, gentle inclines, are the only diversion from the straight stretches of impersonal raceways.

We’ve made the trip though the Midwest a dozen times. Speeding through stretches of Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa, parts of Ohio, South Dakota, Nebraska and Colorado. We’ve gone rocketing from the southern edge of Michigan all the…

We can all make a difference in the lives of others.

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By Phil Bohlender

As a gay man, I made the difficult decision early on in my adulthood that I was not likely to have children of my own.

Being an uncle is an extraordinary role for me, and I have always had fun spoiling my nieces and nephews. While I only have three nephews of my own, I have had numerous nieces and nephews that came into my life due to my relationships and friendships.

During my 30s, I found a new way to support children through a global organization that matches sponsors to children needing additional financial resources for…

3 strategies that men can use to improve as leaders.

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By Vernon Lindsay, Ph.D.

My father’s name, Emery, means industrial leader. For over forty years, he has committed himself to the ministry within the Church of Christ Holiness’s community of churches. Before his term in office ended, he responsibly served as the Senior Bishop who is the recognized highest ranking pastor of the denomination.

Alongside my mother, my father did his best to raise my five sisters and me to be the best version of ourselves. My dad was not the perfect father, as my sisters and I often recall when we get together. …

Teaching your son to love the kitchen has more benefits than learning to boil water. It can help him be a better man.

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By Chad Cryder

My mom is one of the bravest women I know. During a period of time when divorce was uncommon, my mom gave my dad the finger and walked away from an abusive relationship. It took guts and moxie for a woman with two young boys to begin a better life. …

Thomas Fiffer (selfishly) believes that looking out for #1 makes you a better mate.

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by Thomas G. Fiffer

Let’s get this out of the way first. I’m not talking about selfish assholes or hard-core narcissists who think the world revolves around them. We all know these people make terrible partners and destroy relationships. I’m talking about people who make their own needs a priority and don’t always put their partner’s needs first.

Now, why is it important to do that and not make pleasing your partner the be-all and end-all of your relationship?

Well, first off, if that’s all you worry about, it’s fair to ask, what’s in it for you? Sure, some people…

Why are men so silent about our anxiety?

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by Sean Swaby

“Gripped. Heart rushing, mind racing. Breathing. Breathing. Breathing. Mind is like a crashing elephant and nothing makes sense. I’m having a panic attack.”

I had my first panic attack while driving my son to get a haircut. In that season of my life, the anxiety was raw and primal. I felt afraid for my life and anything outside of my home felt like a threat. …

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