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By The Good Men Project Editors

We have a total of 8 publications on Medium.

From The Good Men Project:

Hello Love (Relationships) — Love changes us. Love makes us human.

Change Becomes You (Advice) — Life advice that will (actually) improve your life.

Equality Includes You (Social Justice) — Speaking up for humanity through intersectional social justice. Open to all.

A Parent is Born (Parenting) — Because the moment a child is born, a parent is born too.

Greener Together (Environmentalism) — Because the earth needs us. Pronto.

From Agents of Change:

Shelter Me (Wellness) — A refuge for…

The Good Men Project’s phone calls with the community are always provocative and insightful. But did you know they are also often prescient?

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By Lisa Hickey

This is a written version of the opening to today’s Call with the Publisher. At The Good Men Project, we have been holding LIVE phone calls with our community every week for almost 10 years. Lisa Hickey, Publisher of The Good Men Project, hosts the Friday call. Become a member of The Good Men Project here and join in the conversation!

Lisa Hickey: Hello everyone! Welcome to our weekly call with the Publisher, held every Friday. Today is Friday July 16th, 2021.

At The Good Men Project we talk about topics that are often provocative and…

There are bonds that time cannot undermine.

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By Ken Goldstein

I said a final goodbye to a longtime friend recently. He was intensely private and not at all a fan of social media so I won’t name him here. I do feel the need to write about him, so I hope I am in-bounds handling this in the abstract.

We actually lost him during Covid, but the logistics of his memorial had to wait for travel arrangements. He wasn’t a Covid victim, perhaps just the timing. He had other medical issues that lasted all his life. I have known this person since we were 11 years old…

What are the real reasons one partner will cheat on the other?

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By Monica Sandercock

Even ‘good people’ cheat on their partner in seemingly happy relationships. The reason people cheat is rarely because they don’t love their partner or because they are not happy in their relationship.

They also don’t intend to hurt their partner although this is inevitably the outcome every single time. They often tell their partner that it will never happen again, but sure enough, it keeps happening time after time

I am certainly not an advocate for infidelity in a relationship and this may be controversial but the person who cheats always gets portrayed as the “bad person”…

No, I’m not talking about initiating sex.

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By Lesli Doares

No, I’m not talking about initiating sex. I’m talking about after you’ve had a disagreement or a fight. Who reaches out to the other first? And is it always the same person? Because the details of how the two of you repair the breech in your marriage matters.

All relationships follow the pattern of connection, disconnection, and repair. The disconnection can be small — a misunderstanding or minor disagreement. Or it can be major — a loud argument or days long silent treatment. These moments are uncomfortable and do damage to your marriage.

A big factor in…

Michael Rowe tells the poignant story of an athlete who was afraid to come out — and one who was brave enough to do so.

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By Michael Rowe

There’s a story I wanted to share on my social media pages when Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib came out as gay earlier this summer on Instagram, but I didn’t.

I kept it to myself at the time because I was overjoyed about Nassib coming out and I didn’t want the focus off him on my pages in case he was a temporary “one-off” in terms of pro-athletes coming out in this Olympic summer, especially in traditionally macho, conservative pro sports.

With Nashville Predators prospect Luke Prokop making NHL history by coming out on July…

I feared judgement, criticism, and most of all, being terminated, because I was imperfect.

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By Mike Kitko

When I was in a corporate setting, I feared making mistakes. My identity was so wrapped up in the ideal, perfectionist view I had created for myself that I procrastinated on everything. I would coach my teams to “not let perfect get in the way of better,” but I wouldn’t always practice this myself. I feared judgement, criticism, and most of all being terminated because I was imperfect. This didn’t just show up in my career. My inadequacy and insecurity often paralyzed me and held me back in so many dimensions of my life.

I am passionate…

The measures my old man took to protect the family.

By Michael Cuglietta

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My father bought his first gun when my kid sister ended her relationship with a marine who, it turned out, lacked the emotional stability one would hope to find in a trained killer. I wasn’t so sure it was a good idea. When I tried picturing it, I was reminded of a few key scenes from my childhood.

First, there was the evening we found termites in my bedroom. My father ripped up the carpet. Then took a sledgehammer to the built-in cabinets, ground zero for the infestation.

“Where am I supposed to sleep?”

“We’ll set the…

Most people find it easier sticking around in a one-sided relationship, believing that their spouse will one day come to his/Her senses rather than just walk away.

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By Raymond Michael

Most people find it easier sticking around in a one-sided relationship, believing that their spouse will one day come to his/her senses rather than just walk away. For ladies, this is truer as many feel that because their guy has not made any move to end the relationship shows that he may still be committed to it to some degree.

With that said, the truth of the matter is that most guys dislike confrontation so much that they rather just hang on in to a relationship than be the one to call it quit. …

“Even if you can’t make it better, try not to make it worse.”

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By Laura Becker

I’ve felt really good for most of the last year and a half now, and for literally the first time in my 52 years, my depression is in remission. That’s a BIG freaking deal!

But that does not mean I’m completely out of the woods, and it certainly doesn’t mean that it can’t come back and take me down at any time. While I’m feeling decent and going about my life, my depression is outside doing pushups, waiting to pounce on me.

I must remain vigilant.

You may have read previous posts where I talk about feeling…

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