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We have a total of 8 publications on Medium.

From The Good Men Project:

Hello Love (Relationships) — Love changes us. Love makes us human.

Change Becomes You (Advice) — Life advice that will (actually) improve your life.

Equality Includes You (Social Justice) —…

The combined missions of coastal mapping, environmental science, and conservation were recast in 1970 as NOAA.

By Michael Sutherland

NOAA, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, has effectively existed since 1807, when President Thomas Jefferson created the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, primarily for commercial purposes, and secondarily for defense (as the United States had only a tiny navy at that time). In 1870 the Weather…

These four changes will not only alleviate your holiday stress, but also create a legacy for your children.

By Chad Cryder

I say this with all love and kindness, but I hate the holidays. Not because of the initial intent behind the celebrations, but because of the consumerism that strangles the joy out of the season. When I was a young child, I looked forward to my grandparents…

I have not been in a committed relationship since my husband died nearly 21 years ago.

by Edie Weinstein

When I walked down the aisle on May 2, 1987, to share, “I do’s” with the man I had met seven months earlier, I anticipated that we would be spending a long lifetime together.

We had met when I was 28 and he was 36, introduced by…

We need to stop thinking about bullying as a youth problem, and instead look at how bullying “trickles down” from adults to young people.

By Warren Blumenfeld

While studying a number of bullying prevention programs, I find that, while providing good overall theoretical and conceptual foundations and strategies for prevention and reduction of incidents, some crucial components are still missing. We must also discuss and examine the social and cultural contexts wherein bullying attitudes…

If you learn how to create good infrastructure together, the later years of your partnership will run smoothly.

By Tina Tessina

We’re hearing a lot about infrastructure these days, and I also talk about infrastructure a lot with the couples I counsel.

We all know about physical infrastructure: roads, bridges, railroad tracks and trestles, waterways, transit systems, electrical grids, even airports and train and bus stations. …

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