Are You Experiencing COVID-19 Psychosis?

Social distancing has created relational claustrophobia.

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By Stuart Motola

I keep hearing stories…

… my kids are driving me nuts.

… my wife is killing me.

…. how am I gonna get through this Corona madness with my family?

Social distancing has created relational claustrophobia.

And with that, comes COVID-19 psychosis. Not actual psychosis, but feels like it.

Clients are asking me how to deal.

And more often than not, I am teaching them the drama triangle.

The drama triangle is a way we get hooked into one of three roles.

The Victim.
The Rescuer.
And The Perpetrator.

When we get hooked into conflict with a partner, friend, or even a colleague, we often find ourselves in one of these three roles.

The healthy version of these roles take you from:

Victim to… vulnerable.

Rescuer…. caring.

Perpetrator to…. assertive.

So when conflict happens, track the roles above in yourself and the healthy attributes as well.

I speak to it in more depth below.

This story was originally published on and republished on The Good Men Project.

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