Boys Can Love Pink: A Revolution

What’s the harm? Wear your colors loud and proud! Start a pink revolution, men!

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He wanted a pink backpack for school. Because duh. Boys can love pink.

My friend agonized over it. Of course she’s 100% supportive of her son sporting a pink backpack and couldn’t give a rat’s ass if he becomes a drag queen or a mechanical engineer. But even she couldn’t stop herself from warning, “Okay. We’ll get this backpack…but just be aware…some kids might says it’s for girls.”

No matter how liberal and label-less we want to live, kids are kids and mockery hurts.

I wonder what my coming years will bring? I’m already stressing Halloween. Is my son going to ask to be a princess? Will I help him be the best princess in New York City?

I make myself sick thinking that I lack the strength to embrace all his choices.

And this is all about my own insecurities! Not about him and the other kids.

My friend was a little bit relieved but a lot bit disappointed. Suddenly the hand-wringing took on another tack. If he wanted a pink backpack, why shouldn’t he have one? He shouldn’t be influenced by stupid conventions! Boys can love pink!

At least he wouldn’t be teased.

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