Breaking the Silence: Why Your Secrets Are Killing You

The ways to numb ourselves are endless — -doing deep inner work is difficult.

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The Taboo Society

Let’s face it: we live in a society that’s deeply emotionally repressed.

Emotional Constipation

As we become teenagers, we start facing complex issues.

The Numbing Lifestyle

As we hit our late teens, we finally find solace: Alcohol.

The Destructive Effects

We know speaking up about vulnerable issues is difficult.

  • It forces us to deal with our challenges alone (which is WAY harder).
  • It robs us (and others) from deep, meaningful connection.
  • It makes us feel anxious, isolated, and like we can’t fully trust.
  • It prevents us from feeling powerful and at peace with ourselves.

What Are You Hiding?

I kept some secrets bottled up inside for years.

Finally Breaking the Silence

When I walked into that Men’s Group in 2012, I didn’t know what to expect.

How To Liberate Yourself

If you’ve read this far, your soul is probably craving the freedom that comes from opening up.

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