Choose Your Own Masculinity

How much of a choice do we allow ourselves to make when it comes to how we express our gender?

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  • Fixing problems
  • Fighting
  • Little emotional expression (except anger)
  • Not interested in being nurturing
  • Preferring math and science to English class

The Insidiousness of the Gender Police

When discussing gender, it’s easy to get confused by all the different terms. Sexuality, sex, romantic attraction, gender — these all mean something different.

  1. Do you express yourself in the ways your culture has “normed” for that particular gender?

Our Response to Gender Expression

As adults, it can be difficult to pick apart our masculinity and to know what parts work for us and are us and separate that from the parts that we’ve been socialized into and we’d rather shed. I love a good cigar and scotch with my uncles. It’s not a show I put on, but if I’m honest, there is something affirmingly masculine about it. Would I enjoy it as much otherwise? Maybe.

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