Do Men Outsource Virtue to Women?

Women cannot be held responsible for saving, creating, or maintaining civilization.

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Women create, shape, and maintain human culture. Manners exist because women exist. Worthy men adjust their behavior when a woman enters the room. They become better creatures. Civilization arises and endures because women have expectations of themselves and of those around them.[3]

While Stanton wants to ground this idea in scripture, women religious leaders note that this thesis is simply not biblical [4] and that he does not reference any Scripture in his article, beyond noting that Christ was born of a woman.

  • Our sexual desires, both for men and women, and the biological systems that support them are influenced by the world around us.
  • The world around us presents the sexualized female form in almost every medium.
  • In order to support this outsourcing, women are elevated to virtuous, moral, and naturally religious beings who are responsible for civilizing our society.
  • But, women are also cast as femme fatales — currently known as Porn Chics — controling and manipulating men who become sexual pawns.
  • Current research (both brain and hormone) demonstrates that men can maintain control of their sexual desires.
  • Do men want to be virtuous — to be responsible for control of their own sexual desire is TBD.
  • To want to be virtuous means:
  • Being aware of the research about male and female sexual desire
  • Know that women can’t sanctify men and men can’t sanctify women
  • Don’t get caught up in Chic Porn
  • Relate to women as equals
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