How Can We Win the War Against Coronavirus?

Let’s all be warriors for light against coronavirus

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By Ryan Hall

Did you put up a fight? You’d kill for what was right. When circumstances change. Strengthen what remains.” — Strengthen What Remains — Tedeschi Trucks Band

I love the month of March. I really do. College Basketball tournaments, Baseball, WrestleMania, and my birthday. It’s my favorite month of the year.

March 2020 will go down as one for the record books. Here are just a few of my personal highlights.

  • As I’m writing this, I’m technically homeless. I’ve been living in a hotel for better than three weeks after my landlord kicked me and my dog out to prepare for the quarantine. I mean, he’d never admit it, but I’m positive that’s what happened. You should have seen some of the panic buying he was doing at Costco and how many thousands of dollars I’m sure he was spending.
  • I got hired for an amazing new full-time job with an amazing company…that’s has since put on a hiring freeze until things blow over.
  • And I have been sick as a dog for a solid month. I am grateful to say that it’s bronchitis and not COVID-19. Though every time I’d cough on a bus, I’d get some nasty looks.

The human race is at war right now. Infectious disease experts and virologists are burning the midnight oil trying to put a stop to this hard-charging disease.

New York City is the epicenter for coronavirus in the United States. I won’t quote numbers of cases in New York City (and nationwide for that matter) because it’ll change before this article goes live.

This disease doesn’t pick and choose who it infects. Granted, most of the people who die from this disease are older and have other health problems. But you never know.

Unless you knew that my sister is a cancer survivor, you’d never know how vulnerable she was. A healthy-looking, 40-year-old woman…

It’s a terribly scary time for us all to be alive right now. Businesses will go under. People will lose everything.

The human race is at a crossroads right now. We are at war!

This isn’t a war of bullets and bombs. This is a war against an invisible enemy.

This war won’t be fought on beaches and in jungles with soldiers and sailors.

This war is being fought in labs with scientists and doctors and nurses and grocery store clerks.

When people get scared, we look for something or somebody to blame. And yeah, I’m mad that I won’t get baseball till May at the earliest. Granted, the last time there was a shorted MLB season, my Braves won the World Series. But I digress…

I’ve had concerts I was scheduled to review get postponed. No sports at all!

The world is on pause! I’m mad, y’all! Oh, am I mad!

{insert record scratching sound effect here} But I want to offer something… maybe this…is what the world needs?

Don’t look at me like that. I don’t like the fact that WrestleMania will be held in a training gym in front of nobody in the stands just as much as the next guy. But there’s a bigger game to be played here.

We don’t have a built-in pause button. Humanity doesn’t have a pause button.

And we really need one.

I don’t have a fix for this. I really don’t. I d*mn sure wish I did, but I don’t.

I don’t have a fix. But I do have an invitation.

My invitation is this. Let US be the warriors in this fight!

I’m not suggesting everybody go out and enlist in the military. That’s not what I’m saying at all.

What I’m saying is that we all need to pitch in to fight off this disease. We need to enlist in THAT.

Here’s how we do that — we become soldiers of light.

Let love be our Kevlar. Let kindness be our guns. Let compassion our bullets. And let our light win this war!

Don’t get me wrong, scientists are winning this war. But lightworkers can absolutely help.

There are some simple ways we can contribute to this fight. It’s simple, but if we all play our part, we’ll make it through.

  • Listen to what our leaders are saying. Unless you absolutely HAVE to leave the house, STAY HOME! Even me with my hotel room, I’m getting stir crazy, but I’m rarely leaving. I think the only time I left today was to walk my dog.
  • Don’t go crazy in the grocery stores. If you see someone struggling, help them. It’s easy!
  • Smile at people.
  • Be nice!
  • Wash your f****** hands!

If you have any other ideas, let me know. How can warriors of light combat Coronavirus?

I want to remind y’all of what all has been canceled or postponed.

  • Major League Baseball won’t start until Mid-May at the earliest.
  • NHL and NBA playoffs — nobody knows when we’ll see them.
  • WrestleMania will be in a training gym with no fans.
  • The Kentucky Derby won’t be until Labor Day weekend!
  • Nobody knows when The Masters will be played.
  • The 2020 Olympics won’t be held until the summer of 2021!
  • Spring concert tours have all — ALL been postponed.

Now…before we know it, August and September will roll around. And I don’t know about y’all, but a fall without football — especially my Alabama Crimson Tide — won’t feel real. To say nothing of no baseball, music, movies — this whole thing doesn’t feel real.

This isn’t to discount all the restaurants and small businesses that’ll close because of this.

But this can all be stopped! We can slow this down and get back to normal.

The world needs warriors of light! The world needs our hearts now more than ever.

For the next week, who are you going to be about this? Will you be the guy who’s salty because baseball isn’t starting on time? Or will you be the warrior for light? Spreading compassion and love where it’s needed the most?

The choice is yours. But if you want this to end, we ALL need to be warriors for light.

Times like this are when the best of humanity comes out to play. Let’s let THAT grow and spread faster than this disease.

Oh, and stay home and wash your dang hands. What’s a matter with you?!

Originally published at on March 25, 2020.

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