How To Recognize a Player so You Don’t Get Played

Ever been played by a player? Here’s how to recognize a player so you don’t get played again.

Photo credit: Drew Hayes on Unsplash

How I Ended Up Dating a Player

About two years later, he contacted me on another dating site.

Our first date

A few days later, after texting, “Let’s chat later,” he disappeared. Poof!

6 Lessons I Learned from Dating a Player

1. Believe a person when they show you their character the first time.

2. Don’t text anything of emotional significance.

3. Accountability is one of the cornerstones in a healthy relationship.

4. Leave a person who doesn’t respect your sexual boundaries.

5. It’s important to feel good when you’re with them AND especially when you’re NOT.

6. If they disappear, let them go.

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