Nipples Don’t Kill. So Why Are Violent Images OK, but Breastfeeding Isn’t?

How did we become so hypocritical that images of guns are fine, but pictures of mothers feeding their children are outlawed?

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By Martin Blanco

I am an artist, and as such, I try to have a critical view on the things that surround me. Someone has suggested it`s part of our work.

When I look around, I don’t like what I see at all. I am 41 years old. I grew up in another world, without cyberspace and infinite connections. Still, we were happy, or at least it seemed to me that the way we related made us happy.
My concern is human relationships and how these have been changed.

Technology is changing. It is changing us. Our relationships are more and more ephemeral and virtual. We live connected. We live talking. Before, silence had another value. It had value.

Now, we have the imperious need to talk, say, and scream whatever pops up in our mind, even at the risk of having others confirm our stupidity. It doesn´t matter.

As a consequence of so much information, our processing capability is being saturated and, gradually, we are focusing more on the shape than in the content. The content has been moved to the background.

We live in times of euphemisms diluting our perspective and, therefore, our capability of analyzing the facts as they really are.

Our hypersensitivity has increased exponentially, and we don`t care what it is said to us but rather, how it is said. Communication has been weakened and our interaction is more and more superfluous, just as superfluous as the bonds which link us to others.

We seem to be submerged in hypersensitivity and explode before a minor provocation, but we continue being restrictive. Modern society provides us with the daily and exact dose of violence, death, and blood. That doesn´t matter. What is common has turned into normal.

Nipples don’t kill — -they nourish — -yet we are afraid to show them. What is happening to us?

Why is there no place for the nipple? Have we become disloyal and so sacrilegious that we cannot admire and respect a mother’s nipple while she feeds her child? Is it better to show violence, the stoning of a woman or the killing and starvation of a child?

What is happening to us? When did we start to scandalize for love, sex, and the beauty of the human body, instead of doing so for violence? What are we turning into? Where is this hypersensitivity leading us to? I am afraid to look for the answer.

Modernity is most certainly good. It would be better, still, if we realized that before the arrival of the Internet, optical fiber, smartphones, and all the other comforts, we people lived just the same.

We would become a bit more human, or better said, we would be what we have always been, if only we could be more in touch with our nature — -human nature — -than with this content we have created, this matrix, which many times confuses us and changes our values.

Does this sound as a utopia? I don´t know…I suppose that we artists are nearer to our imagination because it is the source that nourishes us in order to create.

If it is a utopia, I apologize. It´s just that I prefer wings to shoes.

This story was previously published on The Good Men Project.

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