Satisfying These Three Needs Makes Her Feel Loved

Deep, down inside, we have a longing to fulfill three basic needs. Are you meeting your partners’ desires?

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Are you meeting these three needs of your partners?

1. The Need For Inclusion:

This need represents our desire to belong, to be involved and accepted. Some people have a greater need to fill this longing than others. Their value rises and falls on this need. When they don’t feel included, they think something is wrong with them and will resort to any behavior to be included.

2. The Need For Control:

This need refers to feelings of competence, confidence, and the freedom to make our own decisions.

3. The Need For Affection:

Their need reflects our desire to be liked by others. Those who have a strong need here–and please note, not everyone does — seek close relationships and expressions of warmth from others.

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