Sports and Hobbies–Are They Entertainment or Distraction?

There is a plague sweeping the nation, and it’s what’s driving up the divorce rate and the bitterness of women toward men: men sleepwalking through life.

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I Didn’t See That Things Were Fading

I thought I had scored a great girlfriend and soon-to-be fiancé and wife. When we’d first met, we would celebrate every score. After a few years when the Ravens were on television, she’d still put on her game day “#1 Angie” jersey, but she’d soon fall asleep on the couch right after kickoff. I’d wake her up to tell her what was happening, but before I knew it, she was back to sleep again. I thought her interest in the Ravens was fading, but I was missing the bigger picture. The only reason she ever liked the Ravens, to begin with, was because she loved me, and that was the only way to get my attention. As time went on, she slowed at trying to get my attention because she saw that I was singularly focused, and her fire was dying. Our relationship faded until it eventually hit rock bottom in 2016.

Do You Have a Purpose?

Angie was scrolling through Facebook one morning and found an interesting thread. Here are the highlights:

You’re at the 10-Yard Line. What Are You Going to Do?

Our women are tired of us playing small. They want more. Are you ready for a hard truth? Do you know what our partners want most of all from us? It’s not our time, and it’s not our undying attention. That’s not it at all.

A Healthy Balance

This year, our Ravens went 14–2 and had a heartbreaking loss in the playoffs. Angie and I watched every second of every Ravens game that we could together. After each touchdown and score, we’d high-five, and we’d get excited when we knew the game was won. When they lost, we moved on. Either way, after the game was over we’d turn the television off and we’d get back on with our mission.

Are You Ready to Show Up?

Keep this in mind, brother — your family deserves better. Our society deserves better. And most of all, YOU deserve better. It’s time to show up before you lose it all. It’s time to show up before you lose yourself. Are you ready?

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