Survival in Turbulent Times

Are we humans the fittest?

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By Jean-Marie Kassab

Survival! An intense word often assigned to a situation. Survival in financial depressions. Survival of a broken heart. Surviving a war, or a crime wave or any other delicacy created by our twisted minds.

Darwin talked about the survival of the fittest, as you all know.

Hence the question: are we humans the fittest? Did we do enough to be fit for survival or have we just focused on having more and more of everything and the joys of materiality while being forgetful about what really matters, life that is?

Far from cautioning wealth and the beauty of riches, or sounding like a preacher on a Sunday mass, I think it is about time that we review our priorities and remember how fragile we are facing this tiny monster called Corona.

It is about time to realize that the stock market figures are futile and useless when comparing to the dangers we are facing. It surely is time to wonder why multiple digit economies turned to powerless dwarfs when the pandemic hit. And it hit hard.

It is time to have a look at the coffins lying side by side or the patients struggling to breathe in overcrowded hospitals and learn a lesson.

Parts of the planets were rich while others starved. But now, all are collapsing the same.

Why is that so? Because all the money in the world could not create enough respirators overnight. Because some leader probably has shunned the information about the onset of the epidemic for political and economic reasons and let his people die. Etc. etc.

To survive and be fit for survival, we need to review our society and get our priorities straight.

A nice economy cannot be deemed good enough unless it is sustained by a powerful medical setup or well-prepared plans for any calamity that can occur at any time. Keeping our eyes closed and fingers crossed and saying everything is going to be all right is not enough. We already paid the price for it. Don’t let the next generation pay once more.

We need to prepare the future rather than forecast it. A small dose of humility could help as well.

Jean-Marie Kassab

“A world is dying and another is being born. In this twilight monsters appear.”

Antonio Gramsci, Italian philosopher.

This story was previously published on The Good Men Project.

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