The Good Men Project Invites You To Write for Us!

We have five publications on Medium, plus our primary site. New contributors welcome!

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By The Good Men Project Editors

Contribute to one of our Good Men Project publications on Medium — Hello Love (Relationships), Change Becomes You (Advice), Equality Includes You (Social Justice), A Parent is Born (Parenting) and Greener Together (Environmentalism).

QUICK TIP: Email to be added as a writer to our publication. Please include a link to your Medium account and the name of the publication you want to be added to.

We invite Medium authors to submit their relevant, non-fiction stories (no poetry, please) to one of our five (5) publications on Medium, whether your Medium story is new or already published. Note that Medium’s rules do not allow a story to be simultaneously published in multiple publications.

Before you submit, please read our Editorial Guidelines and then have a look at the stories we’ve published so far to get an idea of what we are interested in sharing with our readership. On the Medium story you intend to submit to us, please be sure to use relevant tags.

Please follow the instructions below to sign up as a contributor and/or to get notifications from the publication(s) of your choice.

Contributors to one of the GMP publications on Medium will benefit from the strong platform we have built over the last 10+ years at our primary site We are taking all that we have learned in those 10 years and applying it to our author account and publications here on Medium. In the short time we have been publishing to Medium, we have quickly established The Good Men Project as a top contributor on subjects of Race, Equality, Relationships, Parenting, and more. We anticipate similar growth and ranking with our publications.

The following publications on Medium are curated and managed by The Good Project.

When you have a final draft you’re ready to submit, add the story draft to your own Medium account, but don’t publish it. (We also accept previously published posts, but if you submit a post as a draft it will go on the front page of our publication. Previously published posts keep the date they were first published.)

Email and request to be added as a writer to whichever publication to which you’d like to add your story. Make sure to include both the publication name and a link to your Medium Author Page. This is a one-time step!

Next steps:
- Go to the post you want to submit
- Use the gear icon at the top of the post to select “Edit story”
- Click on the 3 dots that appear at the top right
- Click on “Add to Publication”
- Choose the publication name and submit to that publication
- You will be notified by Medium if it is accepted.

When you submit to one of our Medium publications, your story will also be syndicated to The Good Men Project’s primary site,, where we’re having a conversation about the changing roles of men in the 21st Century. As is true on Medium, when we republish your story on our site, you retain the copyright and the byline.

We look forward to reading and sharing your stories! ❤

Once you submit, here’s what you can expect, next:

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We're having a conversation about the changing roles of men in the 21st century. Main site is Email us

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