The Psychology of Passion

20 thoughts on love that will change your perspective.

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1. Love is not aloofness. Neither is love obsession. Love is freedom. Love is fire. Love is your needs met and your desires ignited at the core.

2. You never fall in love, you rise to love. To fall in love leaves the possibility of exploitation. To rise to love leaves the possibility of exploration. We define love and work love together for our good.

3. Being soulmates means the souls are interlocked, integrated, and intertwined. It does not mean the two think alike at all times. Two souls that think alike are not lovers, they are fools.

4. Love is a journey we now take without a map or a nap. You tried to hide your love, but real love has a way of getting loose

5. If you love hard, don’t apologize for being a superpower.

6. I believe in the open door of love. I believe in the continuing saga of love.

7. Don’t let the person(s) who couldn’t handle the depth and dynamism of your love discourage or deter those in line for a sample.

8. Because you loved me when I was hurt, we both now have the absolute pleasure of healing together.

9. More than screaming your name, make them scream, “You matter.”

10. If the whispering of others drives them away, then they were a whore from the beginning.

11. Passion just changed the perspective

12. Love said, “You were looking for me.”

13. There is a difference between loyalty and desperation.

14. Never allow anyone to bamboozle you into thinking that they are doing you a favor by loving you. This is a cowardly, unhealthy, and ungodly kind of love. In the cornucopia and variations of love and loving, see to it that you are loved because you deserve to be loved. Regardless of who the “other” is (spouse, adult children, siblings, etc.), if loving you is not truly pleasurable and rewarding, you don’t need the favor. Get over me, and especially get over you and make it a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

15. Love always trumps lust. Lust is temporary. For some, it lasts the whole of five minutes. ( I said it.) Yet love in its splendor lasts a lifetime. Total adoration and full abandonment.

16. Deep loving must be guarded loving at times. That which tugs at the heartstrings can also stab at them.

17. You never really stop loving. You sojourn into new modalities and realms of loving and being loved. New grounds for loving yields new grounds for living.

18. Love is always an open door. It is not power. The domain of “power with” is necessary but this is not where most individuals gravitate. It is the domain of “power over.” On this domain love is lust. The “other” is not adored but controlled and objectified for selfish purposes. Mark this domain for in this domain God does not dwell. Remembering that love is born of God and the greatest of these is love. Love…the open door.

19. Before there can be a fire in the sheets, there must first be a fire in the self.

20. Love never moves from without. It moves from within. Love does not seek completion, it seeks communion.

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