We Demand the Liberty To Define Our Sexuality and Gender Identities in Our Terms

An essential tenet of liberation is the freedom to define oneself. Unfortunately, throughout the ages, individuals, groups, and entire nations have not autographed this basic social contract.

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Ghostly Possession

An article titled “Symptoms of Ghost Affecting or Possessing a Person” from the Spiritual Science Research Foundation claims that 85% of gay and lesbian people are possessed by ghostly entities.

Anal Worm Invasion

Not to be outdone by non-Earthly entities, Dr. Mariam Al-Sohel from Kuwait, in an interview she gave to Scope TV, says her suppository antidote to homosexuality is based on Islamic “prophetic medicine,” which can provide a cure.

Reaction to Vaccines

The U.S. anti-vaccine group, VacTruth, claims that childhood vaccinations are possible causal factors in a person becoming homosexual and/or transgender. An Italian scientist and journalist Gian Paolo Vanoli said that as a child grows up and tries to “find its own personality,” if he or she has mercury or other substances in their system that linger from vaccinations, “the child becomes gay.”


Former U.S. Senate Republican Majority Leader in 1998 proclaimed that homosexuality is a disease:


Psychoanalyst Dr. Edmund Bergler, in his 1956 book, Homosexuality: Disease or Way of Life? stated in no uncertain terms:


The Rong, who are the original inhabitants of Sikkim, the former independent nation in the Himalayas between Nepal and Bhutan, believe that homosexuality in men is the result of eating the flesh of a non-castrated pig, but they give no reason.

Distinct Separate Human Form

From the Eugenics movement of the 19th century, some members of the scientific community viewed people attracted to their own sex and others who expressed gender diversity as constituting distinct biological or racial types — those who could be distinguished from “normal” people through anatomical markers.


Joseph Stalin, for example, recriminalized homosexuality in the Soviet Union in 1933 and claimed it was the result of “fascist decadence.”


Others view homosexuality as criminal offenses. Richard von Krafft-Ebing, for example, 19th-century Austrian sex researcher wrote that it was the product of vice. Approximately 80 nations around the world still criminalize homosexual relations.

  • homosexuals were about twice as apt to have been convicted of a sexual crime and about twice as likely to have been jailed for a crime;
  • homosexuals were about three times more likely to admit to having made an obscene phone call;

Not A Conclusion

We reside in a society that has traditionally constructed (defined) heterosexuals as living “lives” and homosexuals and gender diverse people as living “lifestyles,” heterosexuality as “love” and homosexuality and bisexuality as “sex,” and has imposed the double standard of different-sex and cisgender expression as “normal” with same-sex and gender diverse expression as “flaunting.”

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