What’s the #1 Rule for Treating Others?

“Neighbors first” mindset is the number one rule for how we should treat others.

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By Chris Miller

This is a historic time. 2020 will look different than any other time in our lives, and it is a time when we may be more reliant on one another than ever before. Yes, we must be physically distant, but we must be socially connected. It’s a good time to practice the neighbors first mindset. I believe this is the number one rule for how we should treat one another.

A neighbors first mindset means we place our neighbors’ needs above our own. It means we our constantly revolving to see how we can assist one another. It means we work together to meet the needs of the community.

By having a neighbors first mindset, you and I can help one another get through this historical time. We can check on one another, pick up supplies for one another, and encourage one another. All this can be done while maintaining social distance, and a neighbors first mindset does make a difference.

Just ask Amy McDonald. Amy was headed to the store a few days ago, and she stopped to check on an elderly neighbor. The neighbor needed groceries, so Amy obtained the list. She stopped at two stores and returned with the requested items, but something seemed wrong.

Amy spent some time with her neighbor, and it turns out the lady was having a heart attack. She was having what is known as the “Widow Maker.” Amy was able to call EMS and the neighbor’s daughter. A life was saved because Amy had a neighbors first mindset.

The past few weeks have brought to light the importance of a neighbors first mindset. This mindset makes a difference. Amy’s neighbors first mindset saved a life. What will your neighbors first mindset do today?

The story was previously published on The Good Men Project.

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