Why We Run #1: A Smattering of Shorts

Because of age. Because of fear. For self-expression. To focus. To escape. To live.

Photo credit: raulito39 / flickr

“Getting old is a hoot. I think that’s why I run. To run away from the old, if that makes any sense. When I was younger, I never ran, because I was young. Nothing to run from. Now, I feel such a sense of urgency. It’s really just another form of anxiety except I beat it back with labored breathing.”

– Michael Polenberg

“It’s a natural outlet for self-expression — physically, mentally & spiritually. :-))”

– Warren Master

“To pass an Army Physical Fitness Test. And to de-stress, keep fit, and keep up with the kids. The utter exhaustion sweats the “little things” out of me — I’m more focused and more present after a run (but not during it — don’t even try to talk or interrupt me on a run. I will physically hate you).”

– Angie Potter Braithwood

“I run to escape. (Writing this as I try to get my 2 year old to go back to sleep)”

– Misbah Tahir

“Running is cheaper than therapy…I hope it will lengthen my life span for my family’s sake. And it’s a fantastic battle between my mind and my body.”

– Michael Goldman

#2: The Life I Chose

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