Why You Can’t Properly Love Her if You’re Afraid To Lose Her

Steve Horsmon explains the fearless leap a man must take to improve his struggling relationship.

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Why are you afraid to lose her?

This is what men tell me and it matches my own experience.

  1. You’re afraid of feeling rejected and replaced.
  2. You’re afraid of the impact on your kids.
  3. You’re afraid of feeling inadequate or like a failure.
  4. You’re afraid of losing your identity as a husband and father.
  5. You’re afraid of seeing her with anyone else.
  6. You’re afraid of never loving or being loved by someone again.
  7. You’re afraid of what family and friends will think of you.
  8. You’re afraid because it just isn’t supposed to turn out that way!

The Importance of Getting Your Mojo Back

Many men tell me of a time when they felt very clear and confident about themselves, their life and their relationship. They know what mojo feels like but now — for whatever reason — it’s gone!

What does it mean to “properly love her”?

It’s impossible to properly love your woman when you live in fear and cannot take action.

  1. Your fear and inaction make her feel uncertain and unsafe.
  2. Your fear and inaction are uninspiring and unattractive.
  3. Your fear and inaction put pressure on her that makes her move away from you and toward others.
  4. Your fear and inaction make you focus SOLELY on what you’re not getting from her.
  5. Your fear and inaction make you think, speak and act in whiny and needy ways.
  6. Your fear and inaction make you look (and feel) selfish.
  7. Your fear and inaction make it impossible for you to GIVE her your authentic, no strings attached love.

A Man’s Fearless Leap Toward Finding His Mojo

If you want to escape the jaws of fear and inaction, you will need to focus on a new direction and destination.

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