Your Soul Knows Better Than You What You Are Here To Do

It will keep pushing you out of your comfort zone, nudging you in the direction of your purpose.

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The difficult stage of awakening.

When you arrive at a certain stage in your awakening, things that seemed easy to create or manifest, now feel like hard work. This tends to happen if what you’re trying to create doesn’t go far enough in its intention or isn’t broad enough in its scope.

Questions such as:

  • Who said this is so?
  • How did this come to be?
  • Why are we on this planet?
  • What is the purpose of life?
  • Are the rules of my society the best rules to live by?

Back to those big questions.

When you ask these types of questions, they require an answer. How they get answered is by causing you to question everything you’ve been told. It also causes you to look at everything you think you knew about yourself.

You’re a construct of the world you live in.

You were given a name. You were assigned to a racial category. You were told what gender you were and how that gender should act. Your country of origin had its own rules that it required you to follow. Religious beliefs were either imposed upon you or decried for their ridiculousness, depending on which type of household you grew up in.

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